What is Dry Cleaning?

All of us own some of the most chic coats, suede boots,expensive carpets, and beautiful lehengas. Every now and then, we also find the need to get them cleaned.

Well, as we know all these are made up some of the most delicate and expensive fabrics. Giving them away for ordinary laundry services is sure to ruin them. The best alternative is to give them for dry cleaning. At Laundry home, we provide affordable dry cleaning services as well as maintaining the best quality at it. We have a globally accepted and appreciated custom made process that benchmarks dry cleaning

We all have given our fancy clothes to the dry cleaners multiple times but, have you ever wondered what exactly happens in the process of dry cleaning? It’s a process that cleans clothes without water. Well, dry cleaning is used on delicate fabrics which can not be laundered by the ordinary process as it may hamper the clothes. The cleaning fluid that is used is a chemical based liquid, and all garments are immersed and cleaned in this liquid solvent — the fact that there is no water used is why the process is called “dry”. The reason for using a solvent over water is because the solvent dissolves grease and oils in a way that water cannot. This makes it best process to remove stains. Another reason to use solvent instead of water is that a lot of fabrics like woolens and silk shrink when they are washed with water.
The process removes all the stains and smell without using water or harsh detergents. Instead, they use a chlorinated solvent for cleaning the garment. So technically, dry cleaning is not a dry process, it is just free of water.
Once the clothes are picked up from your doorstep, they are tagged and inspected. We also identify stains and other malfunctions. After this, the identified stains are pre-treated to make sure that every stain is removed thoroughly.
Once this is done, the clothes are dry cleaned by placing them in a dry clean machine. Here, the solvent is pumped inside and traps all the possible impurities and dirt. The solvent is made to pass through multiple filter to get rid of all the dirt. This process is continued and performed again and again for deep cleaning.
Once the solvent is done passing through filter, the garments are made to go through the extraction process. This is where the solvent is removed from the clothes. These two processes are similar to the washing and drying process in regular laundry process.
The step that follows after this is vapourisation. Warm air is rapidly passed through the set of clothes this vapourizers away any solvent that is present in the clothes. This process also helps in removing any kind of odour that is present on the garments.
Once all these processes are done, the garment is finished being dry cleaned and your clothes look as good as new! Dry cleaning gives garments a crisp, wrinkle-free, like-new appearance that can’t be beaten.
Well, this was the basic yet integral constituent of the entire process of dry cleaning.
After this, the clothes are re-checked for stains to make sure that no stain is still on your garment. And finally, the clothes are ironed as per the fabric requirements and packed safely to be delivered at your doorstep.
Dry cleaning has been proven to be one of the best methods for cleaning your garments. It is known to extend the life of your fabrics and makes them look newer for a very long time as it prevents shrinkage, loss of colour, and change of texture or finish. Therefore, by drycleaning them regularly you are protecting your investment.

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