10 ways to make your clothes look new for a longer time!

We all invest so much in our clothes, we put in everything to buy the best of the clothes that we have around. But, you will often notice that your clothes are losing that shine and brightness that it had when you bought it. Well, that is because the clothes were not treated accordingly.

It is crucial to understand the needs of a fabric and treat it accordingly.

Here is a small yet effective listicle as to how you can make them look as good as new for a long time!

  • Do not wash your clothes. Sounds strange? Well, yes, frequent and unnecessary washing of your clothes ruin the quality of the clothes by harming the lint of the garments.The process is very rough and can decolourise the clothes and make them look dull.
  • Stop Washing Your Clothes in the Machine                                                           Washing machines can be very harsh on the delicate fabrics. It is very important to wash some of the glittery or delicate clothes by hand as they are not meant for the speed or drag of these machines. Also, machines are known to harm the fabrics with respect to lint, hand washing them ensures that the lint is intact.


  • Use Less Detergent
  • It is a myth that more detergent will give you a better wash. Detergents are often known to damage the lustre of the clothes by acting upon them. Therefore, use only a limited amount of detergent.The detergents that are available in the market have substances that get stuck to the fabric in order to remove the stains, this also disturbs the yarns of the garment.
    • Stop Using Fabric Softener

    You will be surprised to know that fabric softeners actually ruin the durability of clothes. These are very similar to your hair conditioner, they add a smoothening coat that feels very soft but, attracts dust and mites eventually harm the clothes.

    • Do Not Overfill Your Washer and Dryer

    Everything and everyone needs space, even your clothes! Make sure that you are not reaching the saturation points of your machine or dryer, that does not clean or dry out the clothes properly.

    • Use Mesh Bags

    Mesh bags are an absolute saviour for your delicates, especially when you are planning to wash all of them together in one round. It will prevent a lot of wear and tear especially, when it comes to your lingerie.

    • Stop Dry Cleaning Your Woolens

    Woollens are meant to be dry cleaned only twice a season or once after 15 uses. Frequent dry cleaning strip down the fibre and deteriorate its condition and look.

    • Stop Using Your Dryer

    Yes! Your dryer fades the shine and colour from all your clothes due to the excessive heat that gets circulated inside. It is known  that extreme heat fades the brightness and ruins the yarns of the cloth.

    • Detangle

    It is very important that you detangle and separate the different fabrics and wash them accordingly. Especially when it comes to white clothes, never mix them with your darker clothes as they might stain it.

    • Soak it!

    Soak your clothes overnight before you wash it as that helps in getting rid of the stains and dirt in a more convenient way. They using lukewarm water instead of extreme  temperatures as they are the most suitable temperature for most kind of fabrics.

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