How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Clothes

Well, as we are aware that dry cleaning is the process of cleaning your garments without using any water. Clothes are traditionally dry cleaned to prevent any kind of hampering to the fabric and so that they look new for a longer time. The solvent that is used in the process guarantees thorough cleaning of the garments without ruining the texture of the clothes.

Now, a lot of people are not sure as to how frequently they should dry clean their clothes. The frequency of the cleaning depends upon various factors that are mentioned below:

  • Fabric of the garment.
  • How often do you wear it
  • The environment that it is being worn in.
  • The climatic factors of the place. (Humidity, Temperature, etc.)

Based on the aforementioned factors we have presented a detailed listicle of how often should you dry clean a particular kind of fabric:

  • Wool

Woollens are not worn on a regular basis and they are often considered as seasonal garments. When it comes to woollen coats, it is advisable to dry clean them twice in the season whereas woollen pants and sweaters can be dry cleaned after 12-15 times of usage.

  • Silk And Cashmere

Silk is a very sticky yet delicate fabric. They often stick to the skin because of the sweat that the body releases. Therefore, you should dry clean them after every use. However, the silk suits can be avoided for a frequent wash and should be given after using it for around 3-4 times.

  • Button-Down Shirts

Shirts come in various fabrics and each shirt needs to be dry cleaned according to its fabric. Woollen shirts, for example,can be worn upto 4 times before they are dry cleaned. Whereas, silk or cotton shirts need to be cleaned by a greater frequency. Frequent dry cleaning of shirts is a must as compared to jackets or coats as they are in direct contact of the skin. Hence, the proper dry cleaning of the shirts make them look new and fresh  for longer.

  • Pants And Skirts

In case if you stain your pant or skirt, the woollens do not need to be dry cleaned up till 15 times of usage. But, when it comes to other formal fabrics, they need to be dry cleaned after every use as they need to be looked after more than the woollens.

  • Formal And Business Suits

This is one of the most looked after part of clothing for everyone in the corporate world.  Suits come in various fabrics and textures, woollens are considered one of the best fabric to invest in as they do not need a dry clean frequently. You can clean them once in every 15 uses. Apart from this, formal suits are sported in rare occasions and they are very delicate compared to the woollens. Hence, it is advisable to get them dry cleaned after every wear, this will increase its life. This also prevents them from wrinkling and hence the lining is not damaged either.

Being said this, dry cleaning is a crucial process to pamper your clothes and give them a longer life. They also maintain the shine of your clothes that laundry often dulls down. The dry cleaning services at LaundryHome ensure the usage of the more desirable, environmentally friendly solvents to dry clean clothes, this also adds to the life of your garments. Not to mention they offer free corporate pickup and delivery services to save your valuable time and energy as well!

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