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The best 5 ways to take care of your clothes are mentioned below which will help you to pamper your clothes and make them look new for a very long time. Everyone wishes their favourite clothes to look good forever, but you need to work a little to make it endure longer.

Clothes are an important part of our lifestyle. They enhance our confidence and notch up our persona. There is no doubt in the fact that it is a very integral part and they need to be looked after. We invest so much in our clothes but, we often forget or avoid to pamper them with the right kind of clothing and laundry services.

Here are a few must-follow basic tips from the experts that will help you in the same:

1. Timely Wash:

It is very important to wash your clothes on time. A lot of people do not understand how important it is to follow a proper laundry procedure.

Like, at Laundry home, we abide and adhere to a wash and fold procedure that keeps the clothes as good as new. Every fold should be done along the crease line to protect the stiching.

Every time you wear something, it gets dirty due to pollutants, mites and dirt. These ruin the quality of clothes.

At laundryhome , we provide apt laundry services based on the kind of fabric that you give in for a wash. We are very gentle on your clothes so that the yarns do not get worn away.

2. Dry Clean The Essential Clothes:

Well, all your clothes can not be washed. Some of them have special needs and requirements.

Your leather and suedes have to be specifically dry cleaned to make them last longer.

Your formal jackets and blazers need to be dry cleaned and steamed so that they are cleaned thoroughly without harming the fabric.

At Laundry home, we provide affordable dry cleaning services for various types of clothes.

We also specifically use anti bacterials in the process to get rid of the termites that eat away the fabric and ruin your clothes.

3. Ironing them after every wash:

A lot of us do not realize the importance of ironing services for our clothes.

It helps in maintaining the shape of a particular piece of clothing for a long time. But, at the same time it is also utterly important to understand the optimisation of temperatures for these clothes.

It is necessary to use the correct amount of heat on clothes to prevent them from wearing away.

At laundry home, we use the necessary and correct temperatures for every fabric.

Ironing also gives out a smart impression and makes your clothes look more professional and pleasing.

4. Repairing the necessary malfunctions:

Everyone hates stains and holes on their favourite clothes. It is very important that you regularly check your clothes and get them destained. Another example is no matter what you do, elastic has a shelf life as well. But, the better you take care of them the longer they will last. The repair also adds up to a zero waste lifestyle.

Similarly, repair the repairable damages and disinfect them.

In a lot of cities like Gurugram, woolens are not worn throughout the year. Hence, when these are not being used, it is important to disinfect and then store them properly so that the mites do not ruin them.

You can find some tremendous anti bacterial and disinfecting services at laundry home at absolutely affordable prices at regular intervals.

5. Storing and Packing:

Clothes can be very delicate and are meant to be treated in the same way. It is very important and necessary to handle it with utmost care and stored in the same way as well.

They need to be well dried out before they are put inside a closed space. This prevents them from having a pungent smell or any other kind of bacterial growth.

Giving certain clothes like a denima little steam can be very helpful.

It is also important that they are well spaced out so that they do not get crushed and the fabric is not ruined.

Woolens should always be warmed up and disinfected. You can store them along with some naphthalene balls.

These were the 5 basic and easy tips that you should adhere by to make sure that your clothes look new for a long time. We, at Laundry home help you to stick to these by providing you all these aforementioned facilities at affordable prices.

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