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Cotton clothes dominate every wardrobe. They are one of the most frequently worn fabric as it is comfortable, soft as well as easy to maintain. But, at the same time we notice that over a couple of uses, they gradually start fading away and lose their shine. Well, it always sucks to see your favourite shirt or kurta losing its lustre after every wash. But, there are certain ways how you can make your cotton clothes look younger for a long time.

Well, here is a listicle of the best tips on how to maintain your cotton clothes and not let them get faded:

  1. Never use hot water:
    Regulating the temperature of water while washing your clothes is very important. Hot water agitate the colouration of the fabric also, the detergents act a lot better in cold water.
    Hot water will keep the yarns intact and make them look new for a longer time.


  2. Be gentle:
    When you put your cotton clothes in the washing machine, make sure that you select the most gentle cycle from the options. A harsh spin will make the clothes look damaged over time.
    Cotton is a delicate fabric and itis important to handle is appropriately.
  3. Use your detergent carefully
    A lot of detergents can be very harsh on the fabric of your clothes. Try opting for gentle soaps, you might as well add a little shampoo instead.
  4. Wash different colours separately
    Dark coloured clothes often shed off a little dye when you wash them. So, it is advisable to wash your light coloured cotton clothes separately so that they do not lose their brightness.
  5. Splash in some vinegar!
    Vinegar is known to prevent cotton from losing its colour. Just add a cap full of white vinegar in a bucket of water and this will keep the brightness of your clothes intact.
  6. Try to avoid dryers
    Well, like mentioned before, high temperatures make your clothes very dull over time. Therefore, instead of putting them into a dryer after the wash, just lay them flat to dry.
  7. Read the care label
    It is important to understand the customised care instructions of every garment. You should treat the garment accordingly for example the temperature of water and iron.
  8. Turn Clothes Inside Out
    Always turn the clothes inside out as this prevents the clothes from ruining the quality of yarn from the wear and tear otherwise. Turning garments inside out reduces pilling, which dulls the look of the garment.
  9. Don’t Stuff the Washer
    Stuffing the machine will not clean the clothes properly and at the same time there will be a lot of wear and tear of the yarns. Therefore, just add a limited amount of clothes and make sure you detangle the clothes so that the yarns do not wear out over gradual washes.
  10. Iron them at an optimum temperature

    It is important to note that you should not overheat the fabric while ironing, this makes the colouration of the clothes fade away very quickly. Ideally, you should keep it around 200 degree celsius for the best results.


With these 10 easy and handy tips, you can prevent your cotton clothes from fading so that they look new for a longer time!

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