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Dry Cleaning

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Not all clothes can be washed and ironed. Some of them need dry cleaning for a better care.
As already mentioned, we specialise in other services like Dry Cleaning as well. Your expensive clothes can not be laundered and damaged like that. They need to be specially dry cleaned.
At Laundry home, we provide affordable dry cleaning services as well as maintaining the best quality at it. We have a globally accepted and appreciated custom made process that benchmarks dry cleaning in all of Gurugram! . The services at LaundryHome we have a professional staff that reflect our passion, expertise and keen attention to detail when it comes to dry cleaning, and hence making it the best dry cleaning service in Gurugram.

Be it your favourite blazer or the best of your Haute couture collections. You do not have to worry a bit about any of it, LaundryHome will work your way through it! Our motto is to shine your clothes so brilliantly that you are the center of attention wherever you go. Well, LaundryHome just does not look after your clothes itself, we have covered all of your outfit. We also provide dry cleaning services for your bags and shoes. Apart from the bags, clothes and shoes, we also take care of your home decors.
From curtains and carpets, to pillows and blankets.
Let's be honest, there are so many times when we end up staining our favorite sheets due to spilling of some sauce or maybe coffee.
After a point, our carpets stop looking bright and new like they used to, due to the thick amount of dust on it.
Well, these stains and dirt can be tough to remove, but now, you have laundryhome to take all your worries away.
We perfectly clean all your home decor and make it as good as new!

We all love to cherish our wedding memories, especially our wedding clothes.they bring back all kinds of memories and surely make us nostalgic But, at the same time, it is very important to keep greatcare of these outfits. We, at LaundryHome, understand the importance of these outfits and hence provide you with great packages to pamper your wedding dresses as well!

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We are not taking undergarments, shocks, hankey. If We Pick Up these clothes then we will not be responsible for any loss to these items.