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We have customised list of ironing services as well. We understand that every cloth has a specific requirement when it comes to ironing. We make sure that we are adhering to those requirements and give you the best of service. It is important to understand the need of optimised temperature during ironing and we take care of that! We provide ironing services for every kind of garment from your sormals to coats to sarees. We have a customised roll press option for sarees to make it look the absolute best without even a fine crease. We separate different fabrics before they go for ironing services as we understand the temperature needs of various fabrics. Our ironing methods are very gentle, they don't fade away the colours of the fabric and make them remain as good as new! We take uttercare of yourgarkment at every step of the laundry process including ironing.

To help save the environment, we use reusable laundry bags for our pickup and delivery service.

5 Shirts On Hanger
₹ 50.00
Single Shirt
₹ 10.00

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We are not taking undergarments, shocks, hankey. If We Pick Up these clothes then we will not be responsible for any loss to these items.