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A few words about us

LaundryHome is a world class laundry and dry cleaning service in Gurugram and other adjacent areas that offer extremely superior services at absolutely affordable rates. LaundryHome is an on demand service where we provide an easy to use application to our customers. Once you pick your monthly package as per your convenience, we shall reach you in no time at all.

Aiming at being one of the leading laundry and dry clean service provider in all of Gurugram, LaundryHome strive to stay committed towards treating your garments with the utmost care. We have a profound knowledge in the class washing, dry-cleaning and ironing services in all of Gurugram, making things absolutely easy and convenient for our customers.

LaundryHome promise to prioritize your convenience in this hustling lifestyle. LaundryHome come to your doorstep for collection of your dirty laundry and delivering of your clean and fresh laundry. You can pick the time slots that match your schedule for the day.

The moment you think of getting your laundry done for any service, there is no other better alternative than LaundryHome in all of Gurugram, and this is not just claimed by us but also by everyone who has availed our service. Our motto is to shine your clothes so brilliantly that you are the center of attention wherever you go.

Trust is never an issue at LaundryHome, we provide and abide by our customer’s garment requirements. We strive to treat your garments by meeting your specifications. Our service is digitized for the ease of our clients.

Why Choose Us

We major and distinguish ourselves for our customers on the basis of our key features:

Shirts Washed
Washing Machines Works
Dry Cleaned Items
Happy Customers

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We are not taking undergarments, shocks, hankey. If We Pick Up these clothes then we will not be responsible for any loss to these items.