How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Clothes


Well, as we are aware that dry cleaning is the process of cleaning your garments without using any water. Clothes are traditionally dry cleaned to prevent any kind of hampering to the fabric and so that they look new for a longer time. The solvent that is used in the process guarantees thorough cleaning of the garments without ruining the texture of the clothes. read more

How often should we clean our jackets and coats?

We all own a couple of fancy jackets and coats that we only wear just occasionally and most of us are not sure as to how many times should we wash it. Keeping your jackets and coats clean are very important as they help in maintaining the life of the Jacket and it also makes it look newer for a longer time. There are a lot of thick fabrics like woollen clothes that we only wear according to the season and they need to be cleaned and stored according to that itself.
Experts recommend that you should get your jackets dry-cleaned once in two months or once in the beginning and once at the end of the season. Until and unless you stain it or ruin it otherwise.
Well, a lot of experts also say that the frequency of washing depends upon various factors like:
Fabric of the jacket
How often do you wear it
The environment that it is being worn in.
The climatic factors of the place. (Humidity, Temperature, etc.) read more